Appointment Checklist

Before you make an Appointment, make sure you meet the 2022 Income Guidelines:

The applicant’s total household income for the previous month must be at or below 150% Federal poverty:

1 Person $1,132
2 People $1,525
3 People $1,919
4 People $2,312
5 People $2,705
6 People $3,099
7 People $3,492
8 People $3,885

Add $393 for each additional member in households with more than 8 people.


For your appointments, you will need to bring: 

– Original Social Security cards for everyone in your household. (We will not accept a copy)

– Current Alabama Picture ID of head of household including spouse, if applicable. Please check your ID expiration date.

– An Unpaid Current Original Power/Gas Bill. Note: Utility bills MUST be in head of household or spouse’s name only. If in the Landlord’s name you must provide rental agreement or letter.

– You MUST provide proof of Gross income for the PREVIOUS MONTH for ALL PERSONS living in the household this includes, but may not cover all types:

– Check stubs from employer, Social Security, SSI, pension, unemployment, and VA benefits. If you are a NACOLG employee our agency requires your income. (We will not accept bank statements.)

– Child support, TANF & Child Social Security/SSI benefits

– Any other income information you may have.

All household members, 18 and over,MUST COMPLETE a Declaration of Household Income Form if no income was received for the previous month. 

– Non-parental guardians MUST PROVIDE documentation from the Court or Department of Human Resources showing current permanent or temporary custody of children living in the household.

– If you live in reduced income housing which includes, Public Housing, Section 8, or ANY income based housing you must bring your lease and housing choice voucher.

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