Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Programs

Name of the Program: Community Services Block Grant Programs

Counties Served: Blount, Cherokee, DeKalb, Jackson, Jefferson, Marshall, and St. Clair counties

Program Description: The Community Services Block Grant is used to fund a variety of direct aid and self-sufficiency programs at our agency. Families on fixed incomes are eligible for a variety of direct aid programs to increase overall well-being and supported limited incomes. Families who are not on fixed incomes are eligible for our self-sufficiency program, GROW, that combines direct aid programs with individualized case management efforts. CSBG programs are based on the agency’s Community Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan.

CSBG Direct Aid Programs

These programs and services are available as the agency secures funding and are on a limited basis. Please check with your local Case Manager to ensure the availability of each program. To schedule an appointment, please email your county’s Case Manager found here and describe your need.

Direct Aid Programs

Rent Assistance

Eligible families can receive assistance vouchers toward their monthly rent

Prescription Vouchers

Eligible families can receive $75 prescription vouchers toward their local pharmacies

Dental Assistance Vouchers

Eligible families may receive vouchers to select dental offices in their counties.

Daycare Assistance Vouchers

Families can apply to receive daycare assistance vouchers toward designated daycares in their county.


Select individuals can apply to have a ramp constructed at their home.

Transportation Vouchers

Families can apply to receive public transportation vouchers or fuel vouchers for their vehicles.

Food Cards

Select applicants can receive $50 food vouchers to their local supermarket.

GROW Program

Employment Services

Schedule an appointment for help with job search coaching, resume development, interview skills training, job referrals, and job placements.

Education Services

Talk with a Case Managers about scheduling high school equivalency (GED) classes or applying to your local community college.

Income & Asset Building Services

Receive financial coaching/counseling and help budgeting by our Case Managers.

Housing Services

Schedule an appointment for temporary housing placements, permanent housing placements, and utility deposits.